International standard

International standard

We guarantee stable and strictly controlled quality based on ISO standards, and conduct business activities with consideration for environmental preservation.

ISO 9001  ISO 14001

Quality and Environmental Policy

In order to realize our corporate and management philosophies, we accomplish our business plan, and integrate requirements of quality and environmental management system and business processes.

In our organization, we set goals related to quality and environment as outlined below, continuously improve and strive to reach them.

We also observe requirements stipulated by environmental laws and regulations, which are applicable to our environmental aspects.

Our quality and environmental policy and goals are communicated to all employees, and regularly reviewed.

Quality Goals

1. Improve profitability

We are aiming for maintaining transparency of earnings and operating profit margin of 8%, and improving production efficiency by 5%.

2. Improve organizational strength

Diverse development of human resources for general employees and managers.

Environmental Goals

1. Improve environmental awareness

2. Reduction and effective use of industrial waste

3. Resource-saving design

Revised on April 1st, 2018
Chiba Techno Co.,Ltd
Representative Director and President
Katsunori Chiba